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7 Experiences Summit is the main event of the year by EXPRESSO . Our members can access videos and research abstracts from 7 Experiences Summits since 2020.

UX White Paper

User Experience (UX) can be a confusing concept, as it is often used as a synonym for user interface, usability, or as an umbrella term for human-centred design. A group of UX experts has jointly produced a UX White Paper, which aims to bring clarity to the concept of user experience.

UX Definitions

There are many definitions for user experience (UX). You may choose your favorite definition from this pool of definitions, which originate from academic literature and the web sites of UX organizations.

UX Evaluation Methods

A group of UX experts have collected UX evaluation methods that focus on finding out how users feel about the design that you want to evaluate. In this section, you can search for 80+ UX evaluation methods by using several filters on the left.