An inventory of creative spaces: innovative organiszations and their workspace

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Workspaces for design, Innovation, Design management, Case study, Design practice
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Creative workspaces are becoming popular in many organizations. They are believed to support innovation efforts and creativity among employees. This paper presents spatial evidences of creative work environments from real-life organizations, based on an exploratory multi-case study in 18 institutions. The found workspaces were mapped and categorized according to the qualities they might provide for affecting creativity. The resulting inventory of creative spaces contributes to the emerging interest on creative workspace design by presenting inspiring best-practice examples. The shown examples provide the readers with a better understanding how a creative space could be designed in order to provide an environment for an innovative organization. Related literature was added to explain the possible impact of specific spatial configurations.

Why is this publication important in experience research?

This paper provides insights into creative design within the workplace to provide employees with innovative experiences.