Expert Interview with Prof. Marc Hassenzahl

14th April, 2023
Zoom link:
14th April, 2023
Zoom link:
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We are happy to announce that we will have an Experience Interview with Prof. Marc Hassenzahl on 16.00 Cest 14th April via the Zoom link:

Marc Hassenzahl is a professor of interaction design at the University of Siegen in Germany and has made significant contributions to the field of Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience through his research, teaching, and advocacy for user-centred design. His work has advanced our understanding of the human experience of technology and has exerted a notable influence on the development of more meaningful experience in the design of interactive technologies.

Yichen Lu will lead the discussion on topics around experience design, such as how artificial intelligence and experience design fit together, possibility-driven design, and more-than-human design.

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