Call for proposals to host 7 Experiences Summit 2024

March 31st, 2023 – Deadline for proposals
March 31st, 2023 – Deadline for proposals
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After 2 successful online editions in 2020 and in 2021, hosted by Aalto University and Breda University of Applied Sciences respectively, and the very first onsite edition hosted by Brigham Young University in 2022, we are now launching the new call for proposal to host 7 Experiences Summit in 2024.  

Overall principles about the organization of 7 Experiences Summit 2024

To be able to objectively decide upon a venue for 7 Experiences Summit 2024, we would like to invite you to prepare a proposal     according to the following principles.

  1. 7 Experiences Summit is a forum where people interested in experience research, from all disciplines, worldwide, can meet and form networks. The Summit activities should enable knowledge exchange and networking across disciplines in order to accelerate the development of a more coherent field of experience research.
  2. 7 Experiences Summit 2024 should take place between May and November. But we are open to consider alternative proposals to accommodate for the host’s needs.
  3. Given the positive result of the format adopted for the Summit 2022, the Summit 2024 is also expected to be an onsite event. The proposing organization can consider to offer also a small additional online option. This will not make it a hybrid event stricto sensu but will allow people to follow it in part depending of their own time zone.
  4. The Summit is supported by Experience Research Society, which is an organization owning the brand of 7 Experiences Summit, choosing the Summit organizer, helping to advertise the event, and supporting the organizers with advice and information regarding the previous editions of the Summit. Nonetheless, the Experience Research Society does not take any financial responsibility for the organization of the Summit, but the hosting organization carries the financial responsibility of the event. This means that the local organizers must plan for all expenses related to the Summit in their budget, including the venue and food costs, travel and accommodation for the invited speakers, student volunteer expenses, video, audio-visual and internet expenses, kits, local transport, publicity, possible review process expenses, publisher charges, Experience Research Society fees, The Experience Research Society will get 5% per ticket sold, which should be considered in ticket pricing. The suggested price range for tickets of online events is 100 EUR per person, and for physical events, it could be up to . The members of Experience Research Society should get a discount on the ticket price, while keynote speakers and student volunteers typically get a free ticket.
  5. The mandatory content of the 7 Experiences Summit programme includes (preferably 7) keynote speeches from different experience research disciplines, (preferably 7) workshops to discuss topics in experience research, and a social program. The proposers are welcome to suggest more activities. These activities should also have a clear output or deliverable (see detailed evaluation criteria below).
  6. The 7 Experiences Summit aims for equal opportunities for all countries to participate and to volunteer to host  the event. The proposal should state how this international spirit of equality is sustained. We especially encourage diversity in selection of the 7 keynote speakers. More broadly, we would also like to   see how the proposers plan to attract and support diversity and inclusion among authors and participants.
  7. The proposers must commit to working with the Experience Research Society and being transparent in their presentation of the organization of the conference to the Society. Since the 7 Experiences Summit brand reputation is on stake, the proposers must commit to reporting to the Experience Research Society and participate in the Society’s meetings regarding the


Value for the Host Organization (HO) to host the 7 Experiences Summit

  1. The HO gains international reputation and exposure as an experience destination / institution
  2. The HO gets networking and collaboration opportunities in the international experience research community
  3. The HO keeps the revenue generated by the summit (although the event should aim at zero result)
  4. The HO gets the status as a strategic partner of the Experience Research Society and the associated visibility on its website


Writing a proposal

The organizing teams of 7 Experiences Summit 2020 to 2022 will offer mentoring support to those wanting to propose to host the next Summit – feel free to reach out to the undersigned early. A short report of the previous Summit is available at

To be able to objectively decide upon a venue for 7 Experiences Summit 2024, we would like you to prepare a proposal describing the following:

  1. Hosting organization: The local organization must take full financial responsibility for the arrangement and therefore the organization’s commitment must be specified. The hosting organization’s economic commitment must be specified in a signed letter of intent. The Summit should be organized as a non- profit event.
  2. Venue: Describe the conference facilities at the proposed venue as well as hotels and the venue for the social The proposers should also elaborate on how they intend to cater for the hybrid component of the event.
  3. Budget (plan): Estimate the expected number of participants and registration fees, and provide related budget Please clarify the financial benefits and risks. The organizing team of 7 Experiences Summit 2022, being the first onsite Summit with registered participates, can share the lessons they have learnt from their experience and help formulate a balanced and realistic plan.
  4. Committee (plan): The organizing committee needs to include general chair(s), summit secretary, and publicity chair in minimum. The general chair(s) and secretary should be known in the proposal, other posts can be filled after the notification. It is beneficial if the general chair(s) have previous experience in organizing similar events and have a multidisciplinary background in the areas of experience
  5. Theme: Describe the focus of the event and propose a unique theme for 2024 and the reasoning behind it. What will make this edition of 7 Experiences Summit something special? Profiling the summit can involve a theme and
  6. Sustaining the summit purpose: Describe how the Summit will foster forming a more coherent experience research field, and be inclusive both with respect to disciplines and various professions through advertisements, participation categories, etc. Describe how the conference aim is truly international with respect to both topics and



The important dates for proposals:

  • March 31st, 2023 – Deadline for proposals

Send by email to – please mention “7X Summit 2024” in the subject line

  • May 1st, 2023 – Notification of the proposal evaluation with short list place


Evaluation Criteria for Proposals

A formal commitment of the host organization to carry the financial responsibility is a prerequisite for proposal evaluation. Please note that this approval process may take weeks in your organization, so it is advisable to start it as soon as possible.

Please find below the detailed evaluation criteria for the proposals:


Evaluation criteria
Attractiveness of the Summit: theme and programme, potential outputs, uniqueness of the event
Attractiveness of the venue (e.g. accessibility, capacity, affordability, ease of travel, sustainability)
Previous experience in hosting international events
International recognition in experience research
Diversity and inclusion concept (e.g. diversity of speakers, equality)
Sustainability concept (e.g. overall sustainability, green events concept)



Please contact








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